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Soldier, ‘We Can’t Trust Each Other, Obama’s Divided Us, We’re Dangerously Close to Civil War

Jodi Swan

A soldier’s letter sheds light on a problem that is becoming more and more frightening everyday. Some have wondered why the military doesn’t come to our aid against the tyrannical administration which is currently devastating our country.

Soldier, ‘We Can’t Trust Each Other, Obama’s Divided Us, We’re Dangerously Close to Civil War

This is one brave military man’s response to that question:

“Here’s the problem for us soldiers: we can’t trust each other, as there are those who are extreme liberals, socialists, and those who love the current administration.

We’re infiltrated with these traitors and we don’t know how to organize without others turning us in and sabotaging our plans. That’s just one problem. Outside of that, as an organization we have become plagued with disfunction, toxicity, illness, injuries, and betrayal.

It does not allow for a good foundation at the current moment for us to clean house for a country.

They know this. They created the environment as it is right now. We didn’t see it until it was too late. Militants are forming, but in small pockets, and unable to fully unite and plan our strategies in secrecy. And there are watch dogs out there watching us attempt to plan.

I’m sure every word I am typing right now is watched. There is no privacy in which we can operate on our own soil. Our best efforts will only be when they place us on orders against you. That is when we will know what soldiers will bleed for you, and which are loyal to this regime.”

These words are extremely chilling coming from someone within the United States military. We have a President who has literally divided the American people against themselves to the point where we are dangerously close to another Civil War.

Share this with your vigilant Conservative friends. The liberal community will surely dismiss it as fanatical rightwing nonsense, or just consider it as more ammunition for their agenda.

If we do not stand up and do something about this socialist/communist/marxist movement within the government, McCarthy’s interrogations of suspected communist leaders and celebrities will be a foreshadowing of something even more dire in our future.

Can you imagine a day when they put Conservatives, Republicans, and the Tea Party on trial? ”Are you now, or have you ever been a member of the Tea Party?”. I promise you, that is not a radical thought. It is a reality that we very well may have to face if we don’t begin to do something now.

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  1. Again, I am correct (pardon my small gloat for a moment. It is the only satisfaction I get right now from my vigilance). I don’t buy into the blind “support the troops” mentality for this very reason. I saw this coming and I know who’s behind it. Hell, even “conservatives” can’t be trusted as they are even bigger fans of the true enemy who is bent on destroying the freedom in this country and the whole world for that matter.

    Advice: All troops who believe this country is being occupied and want to fight back should first read this –

    Now, realize that yes, it is very hard to organize resistance in the current climate, but not impossible. Take clues from “the enemy” you have been fighting who deploy “leaderless resistance”. Keep quiet and bide your time. If you do have an opportunity to ‘remove’ a hostile soldier, then do so but try to make it look like an accident or do whatever you can to lessen your footprint. when the time comes for outright civil war, know who your targets. These will be the liberals and siders with the corrupt administration that you have observed and cataloged while laying low. It is at this point that you remove them from the game board.

    Never forget, you who have taken your oath to the Constitution and people of this country seriously will find many allies among us. We support you in the quest for freedom, truth and an honest soul. Be vigilant, be strong, and when the time comes, act with righteous vengeance against our shared enemy.

  2. I agree with not supporting the military blindly. I also do not and will not at this time support its actions at all. I have many reasons for it, but mostly because every so-called “war” since 1945 have been based on lies, a fact that is well-known by anyone that does any research into the matter. Additionally, our people should have learned that both world wars were based on false flag operations, or, as you know, lies by government. Every military man or woman has at his/her fingertips the truth about these attacks between the peoples of the different countries.

    If this isn’t enough to cause great concern, we already have a standing army amongst us that gets away with brutal beatings, maiming that result in permanent damage, torture, perverted sexual acts that are rapes of one’s body, murder, and many other violations of Law. I speak, of course, of the enforcers of de facto law hired by and protected by the de facto government, including the chartered corporations we think of as local governments. None uphold their oaths of office, nor do they have any intent of doing so.

    What I am getting at is that I strongly believe that many in the military will act in exactly the same way and worse when any self responsibility is taken away from them by “orders” they believe are valid. The last study I read was a couple of years ago and had the results of 38 percent stating they would fire on their fellow Americans. The truth is no country in history has ever had a problem with enlisting those that turn out to be brutal, murdering thugs.

    As a former military man with three brothers that retired from the military, I was once completely indoctrinated. I got over that as a read about atrocity after atrocity, destruction of billions of dollars of property, livelihoods destroyed, etc. Afghanistan and Iraq are by no means the beginning of the killing and displacement of millions of innocent people, innocent of any attack against us or the desire to attack, or even the means of carrying out a full blown attack on American ground.. War was not declared, nor a Letter of Reprisal issued. Therefore, every order to attack the people were invalid.

    Anyway, when the time comes, the people our people should prepare to defend themselves exist are the domestic terrorists trained as military and enforcers of the de facto government that has taken over by force and fraud, and every racketeering practice known to mankind. Far too many are under their “code of honor”, which means in their minds, we must not turn on our own and demand the rights of the people are protected. thousands of examples of atrocities by those brothers occur annually now, with property taken either forcibly or through unconstitutional de facto laws enforced by anti-American thugs, no matter the rhetoric they state.

    Well, enough of my ranting, rantings that many might consider the rambling of a mad man but I have seen to much in my 68 years, and after many, many thousands of hours searching for and finding out facts, I know it is up to people such as yourself to defend the real America, and destroy forever the Ameri-Ka the psychos in and controlling government created – and for what – control and property, both which are meaningless when the time comes.

    I do thank you for your post.

  3. I agree with everything I just read. It’s time to take back our Country before the “Bad Actors” have everything in place and we are put in Internment Camps. Many of you do not believe this is happening, go ahead and have your laugh, but also remember Noah, when he tried to warn people. We are all in this together; and the one’s left right now, doing the “warning,” are taking a very big risk of punishment for doing this for all of you. So ask yourselves, Why. Why would we be doing this ? Because we Know what is happening, We Know we are being rounded up like sheep to the slaughter. This changing of our County, America is happening right now and all of you that are fighting along side of them will also be their slaves. Long Live America. GOD Bless Our Real Military, The Ones who took the Oath to Protect Americans. and Yes we will Stand with our True Hero’s.

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