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Obama Militarizing His Government For A “Crisis Of Unprecedented Magnitude Within The United States”

Robert Rich

Since the likes of Edward Snowden and Bradley Manning have come into the light, Obama’s administration has been tirelessly struggling to plug all the leaks.  Since then, many employees and officials of the U.S. government have sought to abandoned ship claiming that their employer is up to no good.

Obama Militarizing His Government For A “Crisis Of Unprecedented Magnitude Within The United States”

According to an anonymous whistleblower, Obama has been working long and hard behind the scenes to prepare for something a little more sinister than a recession.  We all know that Obama really hasn’t done too much since he got into office, but is that necessarily true?

A contact within the DHS claims that Obama’s administration has been working long and hard to finalize plans, “to respond to a crisis of unprecedented magnitude.”  Now when you hear something like this, you would think “shouldn’t the government be prepared for an incident like this?”  And you are exactly right, but here’s the thing, the government is preparing for a dystopian future where the main cause of our current government’s falling is an act that they themselves set into place.

According to the source, Obama’s administration is keeping all plans extremely compartmentalized in order to prevent another Snowden mishap.  In the plans the whistleblower has been able to secure and view, state that the government is going to throw this country into complete martial law in a two-step—or catastrophe—process.

The first step is complete and utter economic collapse making all U.S. currency completely worthless.  It appears that Obama’s incompetence’s and refusal to fix the economy may have had ulterior motives—more devious motives.

The contact explains, “Contrary to what you hear, we’re already in an economic collapse, except that most people haven’t a clue. The ‘big bang’ comes at the end, when people they wake up one morning and can’t log in to their bank accounts, can’t use their ATM cards, and find out that their private pension funds and other assets have been confiscated.”

He also claims that’s why countries have been demanding to have their gold back from Fort Knox—they are already aware of America’s impending doom.  After all, once paper money is worthless, what are people going to turn to? Gold and silver.

So what’s next? The government is fully in control, and American’s are left helpless without any means of supporting themselves. Next, it’s time to ensure compliance by any means necessary, but the government isn’t just going to come out and take your guns—that wouldn’t be right would it?

The government is set to orchestrate some form of crisis of epic proportions.  The source within the DHS explains that he’s only been able to look at two of these potential plans.  He states that the two plans included either a massive cyber or terrorist attack, and although the government will blame others, they are truly responsible.  He goes on to say that there are countless other plans, but as Obama seeks to keep lips tight, he’s kept them close to his chest.

So after this happens, Obama will have to ensure the public’s safety, and what better way is there than disarming the American people.  He’ll claims something along the lines that he’s really just trying to take guns away from criminals or ensure good people don’t do bad things.  Gun confiscation will take place immediately and free speech will be infringed on making it illegal to speak out against the government.

The only thing is once this “crisis”, whatever it may be, is over, these laws will remain in effect.  The government will be in complete control of what you do and you won’t have any other choice but to comply—unless you want to die.

The whistleblower did however say that Obama may not necessarily be the mastermind behind this plot—go figure.  He explains that the true creators are greedy, “globalists who have no allegiance to any political party,” that placed Obama in his place to do their bidding.  And, like a good little pawn, he is doing just that.

These globalists are the same ones that manufactured his eligibility to gain the Presidency (i.e. birth certificate).  So what are their motives?  Gold of course and although it may be hard to believe that a select few would put the world in peril for their own benefit, it is not beneath them.

He even went so far to say that if Obama were to step out of line, they wouldn’t think twice about a “decapitation” of leadership.

He explains, “The very people causing the prices to drop are the ones who are also buying the metals at fire sale prices. They will emerge extremely wealthy when the prices rise after the U.S. currency becomes wallpaper. A little research will identify who these people and organizations are.”

So what do you think—will American’s revolt before it’s too late?

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