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Look At These Images And Tell Me Again That Climate Change Isn’t Real

Look At These Images And Tell Me Again That Climate Change Isn’t Real

If you dоn’t think оur рlаnеt’ѕ climate iѕ rарidlу сhаnging, turn off the AC and ореn уоur еуеѕ. Thеу say “ѕееing iѕ bеliеving” and thе images bеlоw dо a рrеttу good job оf showing whаt’ѕ going оn with оur wоrld. Everyone iѕ entitled tо thеir оwn opinions, but fасtѕ аrе fасtѕ. Even if people diѕаgrее оn еxасtlу why thе climate iѕ сhаnging, thеу ѕhоuld be аblе tо асknоwlеdgе thаt it iѕ hарреning. Read More »

Typhoon Death Count Surpasses 10,000; People “Walk Like Zombies Looking For Food; Martial Law Imminent

Typhoon Death Count Surpasses 10,000 People Walk Like Zombies Looking For Food Martial Law Imminent

When we previewed the initial “massive devastation” aftermath of typhoon Haiyan yesterday, when the casualties resulting from the strongest storm to ever make landfall were “only” 1200, we had a feelilng that the final tally would be far worse. And so it is: a day later, the incoming reports confirm that by the time the final death toll is calculated ... Read More »

The World’s Most Powerful Storm Slams Into The Philippines

The World's Most Powerful Storm Slams Into The Philippines

Super Typhoon Haiyan — which is being called one of the strongest tropical cyclones ever — has slammed into the eastern Philippines, making landfall early Friday morning local time in the small city of Guiuan, according to the Associated Press. The typhoon was packing sustained winds of up to 200 mph and gusts of up to 225 mph as it churned in the western Pacific Ocean, which makes it equivalent to a Category 5 hurricane, according to LiveScience. Read More »

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