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Emergency Preparedness Ideas That Are Cheap

Disaster and other bad situations can strike at any time. Having some preparation for these will make life much easier to deal with in difficult times. Sometimes being prepared can be expensive but there are emergency preparedness ideas that are cheap to help you start becoming more prepared without spending so much money.

Have a place to meet locally and out of town.

This won’t cost you anything besides some time to sit down with family members and decide on what you would meet in case of a disaster. It might be as simple as a place out in the yard to meet during a fire and more complicated like a place to meet if the city has to be evacuated. Think of locations like the grandparents’ house or a friend or relative who lives outside of town.

Have extra food stored at home.

For storage kits can be expensive running multiple dollars per meal. The simplest way of having more food stored at home is to just spend a few dollars a week on extra stored items. If you use a canned good, for example, buy a few extra the next time you shop. Continually over a period of time start stocking up on things you use. Then your stock of stored food will be rotated constantly and won’t spoil.

Store a few gallons of extra water and get some water purification devices.

Water is important but in a disaster it’s hard to move especially if you ever got in a situation where you didn’t have a vehicle. Keep a few gallon on hand just in case. One a month dump that water out and replace it. You can also find very cheap water filtration and purification devices that are made for backpackers or hikers when they run out of water. These are cheap and lightweight.

Start acquiring items you will need in a disaster.

Get some extra blankets. Invest in some cheap camping gear that will be useful. Put together some survival kits. It doesn’t need to be the top of the line lightest backpacking equipment.

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